This is me

greatest showman

So, after many years of attempts (and fails) to get a blog up and running, I think I’ve finally done it. Lord knows what made me finally succeed, I think bringing my water up in a mason jar tonight was the sign I needed that I could be one of those people (the kind that drink water out of a mason jar).

I’ve titled this first blog post “This is me” because “welcome” just seemed a bit too robotic, but also (mostly) because it is the title of an absolute tune, not only from “Camp Rock” but also “The Greatest Showman”, it just seemed fitting. To be completely honest I’m not sure what I want to do with this blog which I so happily named “easybreezy”-it can be very handy having a noun in your name-I’m mostly doing it for my own entertainment. I have kept diaries for years, so far I’ve nearly filled 3 whole notebooks with my incessant rambling and dramatic stories; so I thought: why not make a diary that anyone and everyone can see! If anything I hope to share funny stories but also advice that I wish someone had given me when I was younger, even advice that would be great to hear now.

If you do not know me and you have somehow stumbled across this random blog: hello! My name is Molly Breeze, there is a photo of me on here but in reality I only look that put together about 40% of the time. My hair is ginger, or “African sunset” as my mother insists, and curly (frizzy more often than not), I have eyes that don’t really have a colour, I am 5’6 roughly and I don’t know what I weigh because I tend to avoid that sort of negative knowledge. I hope that is an accurate enough description, basically-right now especially-I am the embodiment of the character from Zoellas book, Polly I think she was called? Maybe Zoella actually stalked me and made me a character in her book but just changed one letter of the name, #conspiracytheory. If you have never read those books then I’m basically the girl from brave. This much detail is probably not required since the only people who will read this will likely be my mum and close friends.

My whole life has revolved around obsessions, ever since my year 4 teacher made us sit down and watch “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone”. Little 7-year-old me had no idea that her Harry Potter obsession would be the first of many, MANY intense love affairs with tv shows, books and movies. Most of the time my mum and friends have to endure my extensive mentioning of whichever new obsession has entered my life, and now I hope I can take some of that pressure from them and instead turn it into a “favourites” section. This will hopefully give whoever reads this some ideas of which
book to next pick up or which Netflix show to next binge-watch.

This is hopefully the first of many posts, I have plenty of stories in my life to make interesting content, and I am very excited to give myself a brand new project to work on.

Whoever you may be, expect updates on my life, extracts from the book im writing (still working on a name) and other things that you will probably have seen from a million and one YouTubers, but in word format… yay!

I will now sign off the way I sign off all my diary entries:


Don’t know how I feel about that little picture but hey ho, it’s 4am haahhahaahh

4 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Just realised we are both redheads, called Molly, new bloggers and into musicals, so glad to have discovered your blog!!!! X


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