Prologue of my book


So this book has been in the works for probably a couple of years. It is no where near finished and definitely has a long way to go. Soo yeah, constructive criticism is encouraged and I will post more soon, enjoy!

Copyright warning: this is entirely my own work, it exists solely on this platform and if you see it anywhere else it will not have been posted by me. Enjoy reading it but please only read it!! Ok, thank you byeeeee.


Around 100,000 years, 52,594,920,000 minutes ago something happened on Earth. No one can really explain what or why it happened, but many of the finest intellectuals believe it was an inexplicable power that caused the world to be split, cleanly and rather frighteningly, down the middle.

On one half of the Earth, in my civitas*, what had once been simple daisy fields was now a wasteland, and just beyond the wasteland you would find a terrifying cliff with a sharp drop. As the days went by and nighttime never came, our side had to prepare to live in a constant state of daytime; no one could be sure what happened to the rest of the world, and they may never know.

Those who dared to look over what would become known as ‘the Edge’ saw nothing but treacherous rocks being engulfed by foaming clouds of water. “Wow” they would say, “I wonder what’s at the bottom?” they would wonder. The cliff remained untouched and forgotten about until roughly 50,000 years, 26,297,460,000 minutes later when people started to disappear. It took 5 years, 2,629,746 minutes of intense investigation for people to realise that the missing people hadn’t disappeared at all but had, in fact, leaped to their probable death.

Whenever my mind wanders to those who dared to not only dream about what happened to the other half of the Earth but actually risk everything to find out, I find myself feeling inspired. I have read about the stars and cannot fathom the idea that there are glistening balls of fire scattered across a dark sky. I would need to see them for myself to truly believe that such magic exists. And so I will continue to imagine what it must feel like to close your eyes and see darkness, to watch the sun rise in the east and set in the West, to look up at the sky and see the stars.

The more sinister part of my mind hopes that those people who leapt from the Edge were doing so in order to satisfy their curiosity, and not because the light was too much for them. If the former is the case then I hope they are sat under the same sky as me, looking at their stars and remembering what it was like to see nothing at all…

*civitas: latin word for City

To be continued…

The Image attached is amazing and is exactly what I imagined the world to look like, but I cannot find the artist 😦

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