My Favourite Murder: the empowering podcast we all need in our lives


As I finished writing the title of this post, a moth landed on my screen-right on the word murder-and I killed it. The irony kind of compensates for the guilt I feel at taking that poor moths life. It probably has family waiting at home. I would like to take this moment to commemorate Manfred the moth, may he rest in peace.

So, I’m very excited to write this post because I know for a fact that I have wondered if there is something truly wrong with me for being so intrigued by all things murder. I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone in your strange interest!!

At one point I even had my mind set on becoming a CSI (crime scene investigator) and although that would still be amazing, I’ve turned my attention to creative writing more.
My obsession with crime began when my cousin Georgia would stay round our house every Thursday and she would stay up watching Criminal Minds. As I grew a bit older and was allowed to stay up with her, I became instantly obsessed with the show and it was, and still is one of my favourite TV shows of all time. (Separate post on that coming soon) From there, with the help of My Favourite Murder, my interest has grown.

One of my favourite things to do is put in my headphones whilst I’m working, taking a bath or walking somewhere and listen to My Favourite Murder. This podcast is one of my favourite things of all time, and if you’ve never listened to it but are as equally interested in true crime as I am then you need to put your headphones in ASAP Rocky and listen to the first episode. It’s completely free and downloadable from the podcast app that you might not have even known existed.

The podcast has 2-4 (roughly) true crime stories from each of the hosts every episode, they tell the story and use it to spark interesting conversations, being continuously hilarious throughout. They also have “Minisodes” where fans can write in and tell their own favourite murder stories and even talk about their links to prolific serial killers, or brushes with murder. On top of that they have episodes from their live shows, it is an absolute dream of mine to be able to take my friend Anna (previously mentioned as the one who never cries in this blog post: First review: Watching ‘The Impossible’ when you have a fear of Tsunamis) who listened to my obsessing over this podcast and is now also obsessed.

The hosts: Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have the ability to make me feel like the baddest bitch around and I truly feel I could take on a million Ted Bundy’s when I listen to their empowering and subtly feminist messages. They are hilarious and balance humour with political messages alongside the obvious serious topic of murders so well that you don’t even feel bad for laughing after they’ve talked about such harrowing topics.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m a bit of a crazy person, and you are somewhat correct, but there are more people interested in this than you probably think and it’s time to stop thinking that the fascination is abnormal. NOTE: When I say fascination I mean you like hearing stories about it and watching documentaries on it, not that you’re fascinated with death and dream about murdering people; if that is the case then I suggest talking to somebody you trust, such as a therapist.

For me, hearing stories about serial killers, abductions and the likes of it interests me because it seems so far fetched and made up but is something that is actually scarily possible and prevalent everywhere.

Just to get serious for a minute, being a young woman and walking alone with my headphones in with my murder podcast playing, my mind is constantly on whether I’m being followed. It’s dramatic, but it also (unfortunately) isn’t totally barbaric to be afraid of being taken right from the street. My Favourite Murder not only aims to educate women on the severe dangers that we face in the big bad world, but also provides brilliant entertainment and storytelling.
They also talk about and tackle both current and past issues with the justice system and I feel like I learn something new every episode. The fans are all amazing, and I truly cannot recommend it enough.

I wanted to write this post as an introduction to the crime section of my blog, since this podcast is such an influence in my interest of true crime. If the crime section isn’t your thang then fear not, there’ll be plenty of posts about airy fairy things such as Netflix reviews and funny stories.

I have loads of ideas lined up, so thank you for staying interested whilst I find my feet on the blog!

Au revoir!

(Or for any murderinos reading this):

Stay sexy, don’t get murdered

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Murder: the empowering podcast we all need in our lives

  1. Great post 🙂 I’ve been watching so many youtube videos about true crime recently and wondering where to start on the podcast front so thankyou so much for sharing this!! Will be listening to this for sure 🙂

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  2. I don’t think you’re crazy at all, I love watching anything about crime — it’s so fascinating. My husband always jokes I watch ID to find ways to get away with his murder lol

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