Diary Day 1: Emus and Glitter Tattoos

One thing I mentioned in my first post is that I’ve always kept a diary, mostly so that I can get my thoughts and feelings down somewhere; I’ve never been good at talking about my feelings but I have always loved writing, so diaries just work so well for me. I still keep a diary now, but I only write when I need to. I thought writing about my summer holidays on this blog would help me get back into it!

So, yesterday I went with two of my friends: Emily and Sam (previously mentioned here) to Millets Farm Centre. Millets Farm is a family owned centre with farm shops, animals, a park and lots of other activities. Growing up, my family and I would go to Millets all the time and it holds real feelings of nostalgia for me and my friends.

When we arrived we got our picnic out the back of Emily’s car and found a bench in the shade (that ginger life). We ate and ended up having a very deep chat for about 2 hours. Opening up to your friends is one of the best things you can do and I feel closer than ever to them, if they are your real friends they will never judge you for sharing anything, and you are likely to learn things about them that you never knew before. We ate A LOT and tried some new unicorn cakes from Mr Kipling, they were very pretty but not that different from the normal angel cakes, which I LURVE.

We then packed up our things, went to the loo and went to the shop to grab some much-needed H2O. Side note: is it just me or do boys never need to pee? All 3 of us needed a scheduled loo stop and, from experience, I know for a fact that if our boy friends had joined us they would not have needed a wee the whole day. I think our bladders are actually scientifically smaller or something. ANYWAY, we walked over to see the animals and a little stand caught our eye. This lovely woman, I didn’t get her name, was doing body art (henna, temporary tattoos, face paint etc.). We picked out an image and got matching glitter tattoos!


We all love a bit of Disney so we went for the one that looked like Tinker bell, I got blue, Sam got orange and Emily got Green. She began by painting some glue over a stencil, waiting for it to get tacky (a bit like fake eyelashes!) and then used a brush to put the coloured glitter of our choice on top. The way she brushed the glitter away was very therapeutic, I felt like I was getting a spa treatment! We talked to the lady about how we weren’t embarrassed to get the body art and how embarrassment changes as you grow up as well as between boys and girls, she was so lovely!

We decided that we would see the animals next. There were horses and donkeys and goats and all those classic farm animals. Pigmy goats were CUTE but I only got to stroke a few of the animals, tragic.

So all the animals were normal, UNTIL the “Rhea”. I don’t really know what these animals are other than the fact that they are relatives of emus, so we’ll call them emus. These animals are the scariest thing EVER. We saw the bone of their wings and EW?? Bird wings now freak me out. Then they started opening and closing their mouths with no sound coming out! We got out of there ASAP Rocky.

We finished the day by strolling round the shop before we started to overheat and decided to call it a day. I had the loveliest day and if any of you live close enough then I suggest going to Millets Farm, its in Abingdon! You can go with friends, family and its a great place to go with kids, they will be entertained for hours.

Today I’m seeing Sam and Emily, as well as my friend Ceri (her blog will feature on here as soon as she’s given it a makeover) again to watch Shane Dawson’s finale for his collaboration with Jeffree Star. I think I’ll do a review on that after today. Thank you for reading my diary, I cannot wait to write about all the fun things I have lined up to do with the rest of my friends once they’re back from their holidays!

Here are some pictures from the day:


I am wearing a dress from H&M (purchased about 2 years ago) and a denim jacket from Primark, its my favourite thing! Emily took this on her iPhone X using the portrait mode, how cool? Also the sun was severely in my eyes, can you tell?


IMG_8568 And this is Sam and Emily ❤

Au Revoir

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