Guess who’s back

Hello! Bonjour! I’ve been away for a while and I’ve decided, as I lay here stressing about my mocks, to just write a little post to get back into the swing of things!

I am embarrassed to say that my last post was in August, this amount of time is severely highlighted by the fact that I’ve been listening to Christmas songs all day. CHRISTMAS. I’m beyond excited for THE most wonderful time of the year and festivities will surely do well on a blog platform where there are endless supplies of sparkly, beautiful pictures. If you don’t celebrate Christmas then happy Hanukkah or merry Eid!!! Or just plain old happy holidays/December/winter.

There are a million reasons why I haven’t been blogging, mostly because life just seems to get the better of you sometimes and you find yourself occupied with day-to-day things and before you know it months have passed.

Life has admittedly been intense at the moment, I’ve started year 13 and anyone who has experienced sixth form is likely to relate to my absolute despair at the moment. Uni hunting, personal statement writing, overall work load and the looming threat of exams that will potentially determine the rest of my life has really knocked my life off course and I’m still struggling to get it back on track.

Thoughts on a series of posts about year 13, uni and all that jazz? I’ll do it even if no one has any thoughts to be completely honest.

There isn’t really any point to this post other than to make a comeback and put pen to paper (obviously I’m putting thumbs to phone but just pretend) and just express that my life has been pretty manic as of late, but that Christmas is keeping my spirits up and making me excited and happy again, and I hope the holidays can do the same for all of you.

Be prepared for an onslaught of posts, or quite possibly a complete drought again. Who knows! There’s definitely a million things I could say but for now,

Au revoir!

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